Glorifying God by working together to build healthy churches


The following definitions give clarity to our values and vision.

1. A growing follower of Christ is a person who is willing to take the next step with Him toward becoming ...

  •  Captivated and Committed: A person who believes in Jesus increasingly loves Him with “heart, soul, mind and strength”, and is committed to growing as a disciple, regardless of the cost.

  • Thriving and Thirsting: A person who determines to abide in Christ is committed to cultivating a growing relationship with God, even in adverse circumstances, so that faith is progressively more vibrant.
  • Bonded and Building: A person who engages with a community of faith, in small group and larger contexts, develops as a contributor to the health and effectiveness of a local congregation.

  • Inviting and Influencing: A person who develops an invitational lifestyle in everyday relationship, contagiously attracts others toward Christ.
  • Discerning and Disarming: A person who is being transformed into the Spirit and character of Christ, able to interact with religious, political and societal systems with increasing discernment, gives primary allegiance to God’s kingdom by being ‘in the world, but not of it’.

  • Purposeful and Persevering: A person who knows that discipleship is a lifelong journey of increasing responsiveness to God, embraces the perspective that we are on a path toward maturity, that having a relationship with Jesus is our greatest treasure, and that heaven is our real home.

2. A healthy leader is a person with God-given capacity and God-given responsibility who is influencing a specific group of people toward God’s purposes for the group. This person is surrendered to God’s calling, ministering out of an authentic spiritual authority and evidencing the following characteristics:

      • A Life Time Perspective
      • A Dynamic Sense of Personal Cal
      • Mentoring Relationships (upward, downward and peer
      • A Personal Spiritual Renewal (regular occasions of revitalization
      • Life-long Learning

3.  A healthy church is a community of growing followers of Christ who are showing the goodness of God as they reach their world for Him. Such a community evidences the following characteristics:

      • Empowering Leadership – people are assisted to release the potential that is already in them
      • Gift-oriented Ministry – the spiritual gifts and talents of believers fit their ministries
      • Passionate Spirituality – motivation comes from a passionate relationship with Christ rather than duty
      • Functional Structures – structures are useful for the growth and multiplication of the church in living out its vision today
      • Inspiring Worship – the atmosphere and style of worship is guided by the Holy Spirit, leaving people inspired and passionate for God
      • Holistic Small Groups – an authentic family setting where life needs are met and life transformation is normal
      • Need-oriented Evangelism – reaching people where they are on life’s journey
      • Loving Relationships – life transformation takes place through respectful, accepting, grace-filled relationships.

4. Healthy Ministry Collaboration occurs where our church members, leaders, churches and ministries work in unity and love to collaborate in transforming communities and fulfill His Great Commission together:

      • Christ-centered vision - Mennonite Brethren Churches in BC are a community of churches that have joined together with a common vision and agenda, developed structure and appointed leaders, to better accomplish our joint vision.
      • Mutual accountability - As a voluntary community of churches, we look to our sister churches to assist us in following through with our commitment to carry out the Great Commission.
      • Encourage and strengthen each other - The function of our associating with each other is to empower one another to confidently and effectively make disciples of Jesus Christ in the various contexts in which we minister. Community matters to God
      • Accomplish more - We can do more collectively than independently. We connect in order to broaden our outreach through multiplying new ministries and new churches.